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Our licensed land surveyors provide services to residents and businesses throughout Central New York, including Onondaga, Oswego, and Oneida counties, and beyond!

End to End Land Surveying

We provide a variety of services meeting the needs of clients ranging from residential boundary surveys, ALTA Surveys, Commercial Property Surveys, FEMA Elevation Certifications/LOMA’s to GPS Model Building and Construction Layouts.

Supported by Decades of Records

Our records date into the 1880’s, including archives from Parker Land Surveying, P.C., James McBurney Land Surveying, and James Bliss. We’re also a proud member of NYSAPLS!

Working to Meet Your Goals

Our surveying expertise is unparalled for the area. Whether you’re a residential homeowner, a land developer, a lawyer, or a contractor, we’ll work with you on your own terms.

Land Surveys

Boundary Surveys

The most common survey requested which fulfills NYS qualifications required by lenders and mortgage companies.

The most common type of residential land survey (and the most basic), a full boundary survey meets the New York State minimum standard survey requirements. Full boundary surveys are sometimes known as “mortgage surveys” or “loan surveys” because they comply with the requirements for most mortgage companies. Moore Land Surveying, P.C. provides accurate, accessible boundary surveys for New York residents who are looking to buy or sell their property, or who simply need an up-to-date plat of their land for any other reason.

When do you need a full boundary survey?

  • If you’re buying or selling a parcel of land (the mortgage company often requests a survey as part of the loan approval process)
  • To clarify the locations of property lines between you and your neighbor’s properties, or to settle encroachment disputes
  • If you’re planning to build on your property and want to prevent possible encroachment/need a building permit
  • If there is no survey on file, or if it has been awhile since a survey was conducted
  • As a requirement for satisfying a will

Boundary Survey Process

Moore Land Surveying, P.C. will dispatch a survey crew to your property to collect the necessary data. We generate a plat using the data, which illustrates property lines, bearings and distances along these lines, and total acreage. Improvements on the property, such as new buildings, driveways, fences, pools, etc., as well as any current encroachments are included in the mapping. Our surveyors will also set any pins that are missing and physically stake out the corners of the property, as well.

Property Line Staking

Marks the boundaries of your property for verification of your legal property description – great for resolving disputes.

Property Line Staking is best for situations in which you need to visualize the actual boundary line of your property. This is a good survey to perform proactively before building a new structure on your property, especially near the edge of your property, where being unclear on boundaries could lead to potentially expensive encroachment issues with your neighbors down the line. Property line staking can clarify vague legal descriptions defining property boundaries, and settle disputes with neighbors.

When is property line staking appropriate?

  • When building a new building or installing new landscaping near the property line
  • Fencing in a portion of your property, and ensuring that the fence is in the right place
  • If you suspect your neighbor is encroaching on your property
  • When determining who owns a permanent object near the property line, such as a tree
  • To support your property’s legal description in buying/selling situations

Property Line Staking Process

Moore Land Surveying, P.C. will dispatch a crew to verify the property line measurements against the recorded deed, then marks your property line with flags placed approximately 50 feet apart (closer or farther, as you require). We will mark all property corners and set any corners that are missing or ambiguous.

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